This. is. awesome. — Brett Terpstra

Slicereader is the most innovative reading app on the Mac yet. — Matthew Guay, Mac Appstorm

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For Intel Macs running OS X 10.7+ (Lion)

Intro to Slicereader

Read easily

Ever wanted to read something and found yourself skipping ahead or getting distracted and trying to remember where you were at? Well, I have this problem a lot! I also read a lot. So? I made an app that broke text into paragraphs and displayed each in a large beautiful font on top of a clean page.

Download on the Mac Appstore

For Intel Macs running OS X 10.7+ (Lion)

Clip web pages

Slicereader comes with a simple bookmarklet. You can drag-drop that to any browsers you use and just click to read the article within Slicereader. Not only that, you can even manually enter web urls and Slicereader will try it's best to clean up the article and get you started reading it.

Import articles using the bookmarklet
Markdown formatting supported

Read HTML, Markdown and Text

Slicereader understands HTML articles, but also is really adept at reading Markdown. Slicereader not only shows text, but also some basic formatting like emphasis, strong and code text areas. Slicereader makes some decisions which it thinks are best for reading. It deliberately hides links because they have the potential to distract you, but shows images because at times they are an important part for explaining context. If you're just not that into Markdown, and find yourself reading plain text, you'll find Slicereader to be up to the challenge.

Night Mode and Fullscreen

If you like reading in low light conditions, you might find the Night Mode option really helpful. For a more concentrated reading environment, try pressing the Fullscreen button. It won't relayout the text, but will clear all the other distractions leaving you alone with your text and

Night mode and fullscreen supported

Easy navigate what you're reading

Slicereader slices up your text / article into sections, so you can only view one section at a time. This helps you read and comprehend your text better. Moving forward is really easy: Just press Spacebar and the paragraph moves to the next section. If the section is larger than the page, the Spacebar will scroll the text until it can't scroll any more, and then move to the next section. To keep you aware of your reading progress, there's a cute little blue pie chart near the right-bottom of the page.

Download on the Mac Appstore

For Intel Macs running OS X 10.7+ (Lion)